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Kassia Krzus Shaw

Kassia Shaw
Teaching Faculty III | General Business
3253 Grainger Hall


Dr. Kassia Krzus Shaw teaches business communication; primarily General Business 360: Workplace Writing and Communication. She holds a B.A. with honors and M.A. with distinction in English from DePaul University, and a Ph.D. in Composition & Rhetoric, English from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Shaw has been teaching college-level writing and communication classes since 2003, with experience working with a diverse range of writers across multi-discipline and university settings. Prior to joining the Wisconsin School of Business, she was the Assistant Director of English 201: Intermediate Writing and the Co-Director of English 100 Tutorial, a program that supports first-year writing students, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also gained valuable professional expertise in project management with a global business services firm, and worked in data analysis and copywriting for an investment research and financial services company.

Dr. Shaw combines her practical background with academic research in storytelling to help writers develop the flexible communication skills needed for success in the workforce. Her teaching style involves hands-on activities and group projects that use design thinking principles. She encourages students to creatively approach brainstorming and initial drafts. This approach leads students to conduct research, collaborate in peer workshops, and ultimately create projects that reflect a process focused on audience engagement.

Throughout her career, Dr. Shaw has created communication-focused curricula, provided guidance on document design, and supported students in delivering story-based presentations, both in and out of the academic setting. She is dedicated to qualitative and community-based research, leading to beneficial writing-based grants and projects, as well as place-based and service learning courses. Her goal is to empower Wisconsin School of Business students to develop their own professional writing identity that will benefit their future communities of interest.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Shaw, K. (2023). Toxic Contamination and Land-Body Relations: Storytelling, Metaphor, and Topoi at the Former Badger Army Ammunition Plant Rhetoric Society Quarterly


Undergraduate Courses

Workplace Writing and Communication (BUS 360), 2023.
Develop and practice three aspects of successful communication: writing, presenting, and listening. A theoretical foundation provides a method of deep audience analysis; apply that analysis when producing a variety of written genres and when preparing content for formal presentation. Through a collaborative workshop process, revise your own written work. Enroll Info: None

Learning/Teaching Oriented Publications

Shaw, K. (2017). Bridging Gaps and Creating Rich Service-Learning Experiences for Marginalized Students Teaching English in the Two-Year College