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Lu Han

Lu Han
Professor | Real Estate and Urban Land Economics
Nathan F. Brand Chair in Real Estate
5257 Grainger Hall


Lu Han is the Nathan F. Brand Chair Professor in Real Estate and Urban Economics at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Prior to joining the faculty at UW-Madison, Han was a Professor and the Premier’s Research Chair in Productivity and Competitiveness at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. She currently serves as an Editor for Real Estate Economics and on the Editorial Boards for Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Housing Economics, and Regional Science and Urban Economics.

Professor Han’s research interests are at the interface of urban economics, market microstructure, industrial organization and real estate finance.

Professor Han received a PhD in Economics from Stanford University.


Selected Accepted Journal Articles

Baum-Snow, N. & Han, L. (2023). The Microgeography of Housing Supply Journal of Political Economy

Selected Published Journal Articles

Han, L. & Lutz, C. & Sand, B. & Stacey , D. (2021). The Effects of a Targeted Financial Constraint on the Housing Market Review of Financial Studies

Zhou, Z. & Chen, H. & Han, L. & Zhang, A. (2021). The Effect of a Subway on House Price: Evidence from Shanghai Real Estate Economics

Han, B. & Han, L. & Zhu, G. (2018). Housing Price and Fundamentals in A Transition Economy — the Case of the Beijing Market International Economic Review

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Han, L. & Strange, W. (2014). Bidding Wars for Houses Real Estate Economics

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Han, L. (2008). Hedging House Price Risk in the Presence of Lumpy Transaction Costs Journal of Urban Economics