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Robert J Misey

Robert Misey, Jr
Teaching Professor | Accounting and Information Systems
4122 Grainger Hall


Selected Published Journal Articles

Misey Jr., R. (2021). Foreclosing a Land Contract Wisconsin Attorney’s Desk Reference

Misey Jr., R. (2020). Global Tax Issues Horse Owners & Breeders Tax Handbook

Misey Jr., R. (2020). A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars, Even to Student-Athletes: An Analysis of the NCAA’s Recommendations for Name, Image, and Likeness Income 36 Entertainment and Sports Lawyer 72

Misey Jr., R. (2020). A Primer on Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income: Even The Innocent Are GILTI 98 Taxes 43

Misey Jr., R. (2020). Tax Issues Foreign Acquirers Must Know When Purchasing Shares of a U.S. Company 98 Taxes: The Tax Magazine 49

Misey Jr., R. (2018). International Tax Provisions Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Law, Explanation & Analysis

Misey Jr., R. (2017). U.S. Tax Issues for Foreign Acquirers of U.S. Companies, Business Law International of the International Bar Association Business Law International

Misey Jr., R. (2015). Beyond Information Document Requests: Tools the IRS Uses to Obtain Information from Foreign Countries 16 J. Tax Prac. & Proc. 4

Misey Jr., R. (2013). Tax-Advantaged Transfer Pricing for Intellectual Property Executive Counsel

Misey Jr., R. (2010). How to Achieve Tax Savings on Exported Manufactured Products Milwaukee Business Journal

Misey Jr., R. (2007). U.S. Tax Issues for Companies Conducting Business in China 85 Taxes 51

Misey Jr., R. (2006). Tax-Advantaged Planning for Closely Held Exporters – Return of the IC-DISC 6 J. Tax’n Global Trans. 43

Misey Jr., R. (2002). An International Tax Review: The U.S.-Based Multinational’s Annual Checkup 80 Taxes 31

Misey Jr., R. (2001). Tax Relief for Foreign Athletes and Entertainers through Central Withholding Agreements 18 Ent. & Sports Lawyer, 1

Misey Jr., R. (2000). International Tax Issues for Real Estate Holdings

Misey Jr., R. (1999). A Primer on Transfer Pricing 77 Taxes 43

Misey Jr., R. (1998). Taxation of Intellectual Property in the United States 9 Int. Tax Rev. 17

Misey Jr., R. (1991). An Unsatisfactory Response to the International Problem of Thin Capitalization: Can Regulations Save the Earnings Stripping Provision?,

Misey Jr., R. A Primer on The Deduction for Foreign-Derived Intangible Income

Misey Jr., R. Global View column Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure

Practitioner-Oriented Publications

Misey Jr., R. (1993). Free Speech at the Ballpark? Major League Baseball Violates the First Amendment


Learning/Teaching Oriented Publications

Misey Jr., R. (2020). Practical Guide to U.S. Taxation of International Transactions

Misey, R. (2019). Federal Taxation: Practice and Procedure

Misey Jr., R. (1992). Simplifying International Jurisdiction for United States Transfer Taxes: Retain Citizenship and Replace Domicile with the Green Card Test


Professional Organizations

Wisconsin Tax Club

American Bar Association

Editorial and Reviewing Activities

Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure – January 2015 – December 2021
Editorial Board Member