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Tarun Kushwaha

Tarun Kushwaha
Professor | Marketing
Irwin Maier Professor of Business
4191B Grainger Hall

About Tarun

Tarun Kushwaha joined the Wisconsin School of Business in August 2023 as a Professor in the Marketing Department.

Professor Kushwaha works in the area of channels & retail, marketing-finance interface, international marketing, and market failures. His research speaks to the important changes happening in the retail, financial services, automotive, and high-technology industries. His research has been published in Management Science, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Retailing, and International Journal of Research in Marketing among other outlets. He serves on the editorial board of Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing, and International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Journal of Interactive Marketing.

He is interested in teaching courses focused on channels/go-to-market strategy, retailing, marketing strategy, and quantitative tools for decision-making. He has won several top accolades for his teaching across undergraduates, MBA, and Ph.D. programs. He has taught extensively in executive education programs for several Fortune 500 firms, governmental agencies, and not-for-profit firms.

Professor Kushwaha earned a B.S. in Physics from St. Xavier’s College, an MBA. in Management (Marketing) from Nirma University’s Institute of Management, and an M.S. in Marketing and Ph.D. in Marketing from Texas A&M University’s, Mays Business School.

Selected Published Journal Articles

Kushwaha, T. & Rajavi, K. & Steenkamp, J. (2023). Brand Equity in Good and Bad Times: What Distinguishes Winners from Losers in Consumer Packaged Goods Industries? Journal of Marketing

Shankar, V. & Kushwaha, T. (2021). Omnichannel marketing: Are cross-channel effects symmetric? International Journal of Research in Marketing

Villanova, D. & Bodapati, A. & Puccinelli, N. & Tsiros, M. & Goodstein, R. & Kushwaha, T. & Suri, R. & Ho, H. & Brandon, R. & Hatfield, C. (2021). Retailer Marketing Communications in the Digital Age: Getting the Right Message to the Right Shopper at the Right Time Journal of Retailing

Kalaignanam, K. & Tuli, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Lee, L. & Gal, D. (2021). Marketing Agility: The Concept, Antecedents, and a Research Agenda Journal of Marketing

Kesavan, S. & Kushwaha, T. (2020). Field Experiment on the Profit Implications of Merchants’ Discretionary Power to Override Data- Driven Decision-Making Tools Management Science

Dinner, I. & Kushwaha, T. & Steenkamp, J. (2019). Psychic Distance and Performance of MNCs during Marketing Crises Journal of International Business Studies

Rajavi, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Steenkamp, J. (2019). In Brands We Trust? A Multicategory, Multicountry Investigation of Sensitivity of Consumers’ Trust in Brands to Marketing-Mix Activities Journal of Consumer Research

Kalaignanam, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Rajavi, K. (2018). How Does Web Personalization Create Value for Online Retailers? Lower Cash Flow Volatility or Enhanced Cash Flows Journal of Retailing

Kalaignanam, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Swartz, T. (2017). The Differential Impact of New Product Development “Make/Buy” Choices on Immediate and Future Product Quality: Insights from the Automobile Industry Journal of Marketing

Kalaignanam, K. & Kushwaha, T. (2017). The Product Quality Impact of Aligning Buyer-Supplier Network Structure and Product Architecture: An Empirical Investigation in the Automobile Industry Customer Needs and Solutions

Saravanan, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Gaur, V. (2016). Do High and Low Inventory Turnover Retailers Respond Differently to Demand Shocks? Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Petersen, J. & Kushwaha, T. & Kumar, V. (2015). Marketing Communication Strategies and Consumer Financial Decision Making: Role of National Culture Journal of Marketing

Kesavan, S. & Kushwaha, T. (2014). Differences in Retail Inventory Investment Behavior during Macroeconomic Shocks: Role of Service Level Production and Operations Management

Kushwaha, T. & Shankar, V. (2013). Are Multichannel Customers Really More Valuable? The Moderating Role of Product Category Characteristics Journal of Marketing

Kalaignanam, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Eilert, M. (2013). The Impact of Product Recalls on Future Product Reliability and Future Accidents: Evidence from Automobile Industry Journal of Marketing

Kalaignanam, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Steenkamp, J. & Tuli, K. (2012). The Effect of CRM Outsourcing on Shareholder Value: A Contingency Perspective Management Science

Zhang, J. & Farris, P. & Irvin, J. & Kushwaha, T. & Steenburgh, T. & Weitz, B. (2010). Crafting Integrated Multichannel Strategies Journal of Interactive Marketing

Kalaignanam, K. & Kushwaha, T. & Varadarajan, P. (2008). Marketing Operations Efficiency and the Internet: An Organizing Framework Journal of Business Research

Sorescu, A. & Shankar, V. & Kushwaha, T. (2007). New Product Preannouncements and Shareholder Value: Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep Journal of Marketing Research

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