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Yohei Nishimura

Yohei Nishimura
PhD Student | Marketing


Yohei is presently a Doctoral Student within the Marketing Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His scholarly pursuits predominantly reside in the realm of digital advertising, with a keen focus on advertising creative strategies and marketing strategies. He leverages advanced deep learning techniques, encompassing Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, in tandem with Bayesian methodologies, Optimizations, and Econometrics to inform his research.

Prior to embarking on his doctoral journey, Yohei attained a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a Bachelor’s degree, specializing in Economics and Statistics, from the University of Tokyo. Beyond the academic sphere, he brings to the table over a decade of professional experience, having navigated roles as an entrepreneur, marketer, product manager, and software developer.

For the most recent advancements and updates pertaining to his work, please visit his website at