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WSB Spring 2023 Graduates: Writing the Story of What Comes Next

By Clare Becker

May 11, 2023

Badger red color commencement graphic with graduation message

The Wisconsin School of Business has a lot to celebrate this season. Come May 13, WSB will graduate more than 1,230 students across its undergraduate, MBA, master’s, and PhD programs. Whether embarking on a first job or pivoting to a new career path, one thing is certain: These graduates are charting their own course—and writing the story of what comes next.

“Our graduates do business differently; they measure success differently,” says Vallabh “Samba” Sambamurthy, WSB’s Albert O. Nicholas Dean. “They are blazing a new trail, one that aligns with their personal values and their collective belief in what business should be and do for others. We can’t help but be inspired by what these Business Badgers have done while here at the school, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.”

While the tossing of the caps into the air is truly a transcendent moment, the real journey begins afterward: It’s one of lifelong learning, staying curious, and learning how to grow and navigate change.

Four soon-to-be WSB graduates, all of whom were featured in the school’s Trusted to Lead campaign, share words of advice to future Business Badgers:

Be bold.

“Don’t be afraid to explore and take on whatever seems challenging,” says Avi Gomez (MBA ’23). “Sometimes embracing what is uncomfortable can lead to growth opportunities.”

Gomez is earning her MBA in strategic human resource management and is a fellow with the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management and Forté Foundation. Post-graduation, she will join Citi’s HR Full-Time Associate program in New York City. Her Wisconsin education gave her the tools to be a human resources professional as well as a business leader.

“My MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business is a reflection of the exceptional preparation and learning I have gone through during my time at the university.”

Be collaborative.

“Cultivating meaningful relationships and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds is a cornerstone of success, and WSB provides a platform to do just that,” says Ebrahem Wahba (MBA ’23), who is completing an MBA in corporate finance and investment banking.

“Being a part of this vibrant community has helped me foster personal and professional growth and has been instrumental in helping me achieve my end goal. The Wisconsin School of Business offers a unique opportunity to meet, learn, and interact with smart and supportive individuals who are essential to building anyone’s future.”

Post-graduation, Wahba will join Baird in its Milwaukee office as an investment banking associate in the mergers and acquisitions department.

Be resilient.

She never stops, and she never gives up. “Not every shot is the same, but I will always keep swinging,” says Nicole Ciskowski (BBA ’23), marketing major and a University of Wisconsin–Madison varsity women’s golf player.

“Four years filled with the unexpected has made me more resilient,” says Ciskowski, who is headed to Austin to join Oracle NetSuite as a business development representative.

“I will be leaving the Midwest for a new job in a new part of the country with my Wisconsin School of Business experiences emboldening me forward. Business Badgers are never scared of change—rather they push forward and leave a legacy behind them. I’m leaving behind a legacy in WSB as well as the Wisconsin athletic department.  On, Wisconsin!”

Be kind.

Who you are can be just as important as the competencies you bring to the job. “The easiest way to build a competitive advantage for yourself is to be a genuinely kind person,” says finance major Sam Komisar (BBA ’23), who is moving to Chicago to work as an analyst for Deloitte Consulting.

“Every effort you make to help others rewards you with countless opportunities to learn, grow, and develop meaningful relationships.”