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Riyana Chawla

The Next Generation of Business Leaders

Different stories
Charlie Forbes
I think one of the more exciting parts of finance is you’re able to put capital to use in a way that has a positive impact on the world.
Charlie Forbes, BBA ’23
Finance, Political Science
Different dreams
Avi Gomez
I am aspiring to be an equity, inclusion, and belonging champion within a business.
Avi Gomez, MBA ’23
Strategic HR
Different purposes
Yueron Zhao
I am looking beyond differences to common goals that unite us in business.
Yueran Zhao, BBA ’23
Marketing, Supply Chain, Management and HR, Chinese Professional Communication

There is No One Path Into Business.

Everyone has a unique story. By embracing individual strengths and backgrounds, our students grow into leaders unafraid to do business differently.

They’re broadening the scope of what’s possible. They’re challenging the traditional definition of success and demanding something more. And the best part? They’re just getting started.

There’s No One Path into Business | Trusted to Lead

Writing the Story of What Comes Next—Who Comes Next—in Business

Sam Komisar
CJ Wilkerson
Business Builders
Michelle Yang
Community Impactors
Charlie Forbes
Boundary Breakers
Olivia Asare
Value-Driven Leaders


Daring to not only call for change but ignite it.
These students are using their skills to create positive change in business and beyond.

Business Builders

Blazing a trail through entrepreneurship.
These self-starters are making their business ideas reality—from Nigerian snacks to streetwear.

Community Impactors

Striving to do well by doing good.
These students are on a mission to make every professional win a win for their community.

Boundary Breakers

Merging business with passions.
These innovators are combining other disciplines—like public health and the arts—with business for greater impact.

Value-Driven Leaders

Bringing personal values to leadership.
These students are ready to lead in the workplace—no matter where they find themselves on the org chart.

Trusted to lead when there’s no blueprint

Riyana Chawla

I’m uniting business and health care to give back.

Riyana Chawla, bba '24

Marketing, Global Health

Charlie Forbes

I'm merging politics and finance to bring a different perspective to Wall Street.

Charlie Forbes, bba '23

Finance, Political Science

Ayo Kolawole

Studying business and real estate allows me to get to a place where I can help people on a much greater scale.

Ayo Kolawole, bba '25

Real Estate, Finance, African American Studies

Michelle Yang

I’m proud of being able to stand as who I am and show that you’re capable of doing anything, no matter where you come from.

Michelle Yang, bba '25

Marketing, Finance, Sustainability

Jayla Thompson

I'm hoping to have an impact on people's ability to see themselves as something greater and that they're worthy of any dream they set out to achieve.

Jayla Thompson, bba '23

Marketing, African American Studies

Nicole Ciskowski

A career in sales can go in so many directions, but selling something that makes a difference in someone's life is important to me.

Nicole Ciskowski, bba '23


Natalie Steffes

Just plowing through adversity and being myself through it all, that's what I'm most proud of about my career.

Natalie Steffes, bba '11, MBA '24

Wisconsin Professional MBA

Yueran Zhao

Business really brings anyone from any sort of background together in all aspects.

Yueran Zhao, bba '23

Marketing, Supply Chain, Management and HR, Chinese Professional Communication

Olivia Asare

A really effective leader to me is someone that walks in with a lot of passion, is organized, and is selfless.

Olivia Asare, bba '24

Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations

Shasparay Irvin

I cultivate spaces for people to shine and share out.

Shasparay Irvin, BS '20, MA '23

Arts and Creative Enterprise Leadership

Ebrahem Wahba

Giving back to Egypt is one of the things that drives me every day.

Ebrahem Wahba, mba '23


Lissy Kettleson

If we want change to happen, sustainability is something that we all have to take an interest in.

Lissy Kettleson, bba '23

Marketing, Supply Chain, Sustainability

Noah Ricke

What I love about the entrepreneurship experience thus far is that there’s no playbook, there’s no formula.

Noah Ricke, bba '23

Finance, Real Estate

Simone Blint-Bruni

You can be a leader without necessarily having that title associated with it.

Simone Blint-Bruni, bba '23

Management and HR, Marketing

Kenzi Jones

I’m pursuing my dream of being a CMO who makes sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Kenzi Jones, bba '22

Marketing, Management and HR

Trystyn Hoffman

I don't like leaving people out of things or letting people get left behind. Being inclusive is very important to me.

Trystyn Hoffman, bba '26


James Cox

My experience in Psychological Operations in the Army helped me understand how to connect with people on a grand scale.

James Cox, mba '23

Strategic HR

Chloe Thorpe

I'm pursuing consulting to make sure everyone has adequate access to health care.

Chloe Thorpe, bba '24

Supply Chain, Marketing

Amanda Carlson

I want to inspire the next generation to always put ethics first.

Amanda Carlson, phd '23


Angie Kettleson

I want to become a leader at an environmentally conscious company in order to have an impact on a global scale.

Angie Kettleson, bba '23

Management, International Business, Sustainability