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Alumni Spotlights

Akhil Remesan

Akhil Remesan

MBA '22

Partner, Madison Lake Capital


Region: Midwest

Akhil Remesan is building a private equity firm that's uniquely Wisconsin

From working in consulting to launching a mobile food ordering startup, Akhil Remesan (MBA ’22) has amassed a diverse variety of career experiences. But he’s learned that what he likes best is the financial aspects of running a business.

It’s what brought him to the Wisconsin School of Business to pursue an MBA in corporate finance and investment banking. With support and encouragement from WSB faculty, along with favorable market conditions, Akhil was motivated to take a leap while pursuing his degree and launch his own private equity firm, Madison Lake Capital.

“It was a once in a lifetime situation,” Akhil says. “There was cash availability and there were businesses who were ready to sell.”

Within a month of his graduation, the firm closed on its first acquisition. Now, Akhil is turning his attention on other companies—especially those in the Midwest—who might be looking to sell.

His firm’s philosophy is to partner with company leaders to ensure mutual growth and prosperity, and that collaborative approach has resonated with clients. “We talk to the seller and emphasize that we’ll take care of their people,” Akhil says. “We also take pride in partnering with the management team when we come in to ensure everyone gets a say in company strategy.”

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