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Alumni Spotlights

Linda Liu

Linda Liu

MBA '18

Senior product marketing manager, Intuit
Madison, Wisconsin


Region: Midwest

Linda Liu is always up for a new challenge

In college, it took only one marketing class for Linda Liu (MBA ’18) to switch her major from pre-med to business. She was hooked.

After graduation, Linda’s rise through the corporate ranks was swift and she accepted a series of promotions at SC Johnson. Soon though, she felt that continuing her education at the Wisconsin School of Business was the best path forward. While she could have pursued an MBA at any number of business schools, she ultimately wanted to go somewhere that best aligned with her values—as well as having a reputation for excellence.

“I thought about how people would perceive me and what traits they would associate with the WSB brand,” she says. “I want to be seen as hard working, down to earth, and a team player. The way that I work and show up in the workplace is something that I’m proud of.”

WSB degree in hand, Linda went on to work in management roles at Lands’ End before accepting a new position with Intuit overseeing the growth and integration of Credit Karma. While she admits it was hard to leave Lands’ End, Linda’s never been one to shy away from a new opportunity.

“Every role I’ve had teaches me something new,” she says. “Whether it’s been different roles at the same company or different companies, I feel there’s always a new challenge or a new thing to learn about marketing that keeps me interested and excited.”

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