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Alumni Spotlights

Margaret Ntambi

Margaret Ntambi

BBA '14

Corporate development transaction services analyst , Accenture
Washington, D.C.

Industry: ,

Region: Southeast

Margaret Ntambi empowers teams to be confident and creative.

Margaret Ntambi (BBA ’14) is a maximizer. She sees talents and strengths in others, and encourages them to push the boundaries of their own potential. Excellence is her personal measure and continued pursuit. She credits her Ugandan parents, who moved to Baltimore in 1980 to pursue their medical careers, with imprinting this value on her at an early age.

“I work hard because I understand how much they sacrificed to be where they are,” she says. “Even when their funds were tight, investing in education for their children was never compromised. They ensured that I would be successful and be comfortable in life.”

Margaret pays her parents’ efforts forward every chance she gets. Her first internship was with the U.S. Department of State in Swaziland as a diplomatic intern with the foreign service. She went on to intern at Procter & Gamble twice before the company offered her a full-time position as a financial analyst. While at P&G, Margaret also served as the diversity recruiting lead for UW–Madison.

Margaret now works in Washington, D.C. as a corporate development transaction services (CDTS) analyst at Accenture. There, she serves on several leadership teams, working with company leaders to optimize team members’ interpersonal experiences. On teams that largely focus on technical mastery, she helps to figure out how members can learn material more quickly and work more confidently.

“If I see a weakness or strength in someone, I try to help them focus on things that make them feel powerful so that they’re confident in what they do,” she says. “Everything I do has to do with being inclusive and finding ways to make people feel their best.”

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