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Alumni Spotlights

Nick Millot

Nick Millot

BBA '12

Vice president, The Related Companies, L.P.
Chicago, Illinois


Region: Midwest

Nick Millot oversees some of Chicago’s biggest real estate projects

Nick Millot (BBA ’12) is a go-getter in the real estate world, quickly rising from analyst to vice president of development at Chicago-based Related Companies. He oversees some of Chicago’s biggest real estate projects, including One Bennett Park and 400 North Lakeshore Drive.

An early start: Nick grew up living in fixer-upper houses his parents bought and renovated. “I learned different aspects of real estate: what kind of value could come from working on projects yourself, the relationships you could build, and not just the numbers side of it—which I came to learn more at WSB—but really the construction side of it.”

Day-to-day challenges: From start to finish, the projects Nick works on require input and collaboration from many different teams and stakeholders. He says the biggest challenge is finding a middle ground between all the designers, architects, contractors, and lawyers involved.

The impact of a WSB degree: The biggest lesson Nick took away from his time at WSB is balancing both analytical and interpersonal skills in his work. “As a developer, you can run all of the economics, you can have the perfect site, and you can really think you’ve hit a home run. But until you go and create those relationships with your contractors or your designers, it’s not going to be a success.”

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