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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

Open Doors for Your Career and Company

Alan Cawley

Alan Cawley

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: Director of Sales, Healthcare Division, Medela

A big determining factor for earning my MBA at UW–Madison was the faculty. I wanted a well-rounded program taught by both experienced business leaders and world-renowned academics. This combination of expertise has given me a fantastic mix of insights that I apply to my work.

The program is designed for experienced professionals to succeed. The faculty members go to great lengths to assist you if you get stuck on a topic, and are always willing to support you. The course schedule is also very balanced, with classes of varying subjects and workloads paired together. Having this balanced workload helps me navigate a heavy travel schedule, rigorous work schedule, and family obligations.

The teamwork between students is what defines the program. As executive-level professionals, we each have a lot of expertise, often in specific areas. When we come together, we share our knowledge and rely on each other’s strengths to complete our coursework. If you have trouble with a particular problem, it is easy to find a member of the team who has experience in that area.

I truly wanted an “in person” environment. I live over two hours away, and meeting every other weekend makes my MBA manageable.

Alan Cawley

My peer students have skills and knowledge you can’t find in a textbook. Whether it’s learning more about a new industry, or viewing a familiar challenge with a fresh perspective, I’m continuously gaining insights from my peers. The network I have within my class is extremely high caliber, and I would have never otherwise had an opportunity to connect with so many amazing people. We have a lot of fun together too, both in and outside of class during our weekend sessions. The relationships we’re building will last a lifetime.

The Wisconsin Executive MBA Program has made it possible for me to attend a brick and mortar setting while balancing a high-travel work schedule. Everyone learns differently, and I truly wanted an “in person” environment to thrive in. I live over two hours away, and meeting every other weekend makes my MBA manageable.

The MBA is preparing me for bigger responsibilities and has opened doors to new opportunities to grow my career and the careers of others. My company is making a sizable investment in my business unit, so I knew it was time to learn new skills to put myself in the best possible position to serve my team as we enter a new market. I am sharing what I’ve learned with my team to help them meet our unit’s goals and their individual career goals. I definitely made the right decision.