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Alumni Spotlights

Ryan Oremus

Ryan Oremus

BBA '97

Vice president of finance, Boston Red Sox
Boston, Massachusetts

Industry: ,

Region: Northeast

Ryan Oremus lends his financial skills to baseball.

In some ways, Ryan Oremus’ (BBA ’97) job is just like any other at a mid-sized company. As vice president of finance, he is responsible for all treasury services, risk management, payroll, and financial reporting. The big difference for Ryan, though, is that when he opens a door in his office there might be 37,371 people outside of it.

Ryan is on the staff of the Boston Red Sox, and he works at the team’s venerable stadium, Fenway Park. He didn’t set out for a career in sports; his was an accounting background. He moved to Boston shortly after graduation. He was working for an international paper company based in Boston when he was approached about an opportunity with the Red Sox.

“I had the right experience and knowledge for what they were looking for, and I happened to know the right people at the right time,” Ryan says.

It wasn’t baseball knowledge that got Ryan his job—it was the skills he gained as an accounting and finance student at WSB. He worked in banking, insurance, and manufacturing before joining the Red Sox. He’s also a CPA, with experience as an auditor. Those details, more than anything else, are what got him to the major leagues.

“I probably have friends who follow baseball more than I do,” he says, “but it was the education and the technical abilities that made the difference.”

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