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Alumni Spotlights

Sergio Trujillo

Sergio Trujillo

MBA '11

Brand manager, NatureSweet
San Antonio, Texas


Region: Southwest

Sergio Trujillo builds food and beverage brands that satisfy

Sergio Trujillo (MBA ’11) started his career in finance and market research, but quickly discovered a passion for marketing and consumer packaged goods. It’s what brought him to WSB, and later, back to his home state of Texas.

Throughout his career, Sergio has managed the marketing for numerous food and beverage brands, from Corona Extra to Progresso. In his current role at NatureSweet, he oversees the snacking tomatoes portfolio, including NatureSweet Cherubs.

“It’s fun being at a smaller organization because you get a chance to be involved in so much more,” he says. “One moment, you’re spending some time pulling and analyzing data. The next, you’re developing packaging or creative. I’m glad to be in a role that allows me to have that breadth and depth of experience.”

When he’s not building strong brands, volunteering his time, or offering his services as a consultant, Sergio stays active and enjoys coaching his son’s baseball team—something that actively benefits his professional life.

“I’m always thinking about the parallels between being a parent and being a business leader,” he says. “Any time you have to contort yourself into a new way to be empathetic to others—and you certainly have to do that with a 7-year-old—it really naturally translates over into your everyday job.”  

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