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Update | Fall/Winter 2022

Got a Minute? Meet Sergio Trujillo

Photography by Vincent Gonzalez

Sergio Trujillo standing in front of sign for "Nature Sweet Tomatoes"

Sergio Trujillo (MBA ’11)

Brand Manager, NatureSweet
San Antonio, Texas

What’s it like building a snacking tomato brand?

It’s a new industry and category for me, which forces you to lean on the core fundamentals of marketing. It’s fun being at a smaller organization because you get to be involved in so much more. I’m also learning that we can plan as much as we want, but sometimes the weather dictates what’s being grown (or not) in our greenhouses.

What’s important to you when seeking a new job?

A career is not solely a vertical climb. You’re going to have some upward and sideways movements, but you really have to think about how your next role helps you grow as a person and professional. For me, it was about finding that strong balance in a place I knew I could grow with people that I knew would ultimately support me.

What is your favorite WSB memory?

I really enjoyed Jan Heide’s marketing class. Not only is he very knowledgeable about marketing, but he teaches the important soft skills, as well as the importance of how you present yourself and how you connect with people. Also, my friends and I loved the Terrace and sharing some Spotted Cow beer.

Oh, and a few more things:

  • Trujillo has managed numerous food and beverage brands from Corona Extra to Progresso.
  • A wild summer: In 2009, Trujillo got married, was downsized, moved to Madison, and started his MBA.
  • Career highlight: Moving back to his home state of Texas to market Big Red soda—something he grew up drinking.
  • Newest hobby: Coaching his son’s baseball team.