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Update | Fall/Winter 2023

Business Badgers Share Their Favorite Campus Memories

To commemorate the 175th anniversary of UW–Madison, three Business Badgers reflect on their favorite campus memories.

icon of books
Getting my thesis bound. At the binding store, my friend and I were shown the various colors and told the most common choices were black or dark blue. We then saw bright yellow was an option—which we chose knowing that ours would always stand out in the grad office bookcase. To this day, they still do!”
—Bryan Rives (MA ’89)
icon of bucky and football
The Fifth Quarter at Badger football games. Seeing everyone jump out of their seats at the same time to clap to the music or do the wave truly embodied the spirit of the university: many people from different backgrounds working together to achieve the same goal.”
—Susan Bakken (BBA ’87)
icon of bullseye with heart in the center
Meeting my wife at the Kollege Klub! Whether it was the path to the restroom or the sticking floor, Christa Stern (BA ’92) and I instantly connected at a level that’s kept us married for over 25 years. We are hopeful that the matchmaking power of the KK continues, as our son just started his undergraduate studies in Madison.”
—Eric Eilers (BBA ’93, MBA ’06)

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