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Update | Spring/Summer 2023

What’s Fueling Business Badgers at Grainger Hall’s Capital Café

Outline of sandwiches, bacon, to go cups, and bagels

On a busy day, hundreds of students pack the Capital Café in Grainger Hall to load up on coffee, snacks, paninis, breakfast sandwiches, and much more. More than 35 student workers staff the popular eatery, which opened in 1996 and now serves about 200–220 meals per day during the school year.

We asked Robbie Buchanan, Capital Café manager, for a closer look at what’s fueling Business Badgers:


Coffee drinks

are sold each day to caffeine-craving customers

Grab and go

Prepackaged sandwiches and other items from the café’s self-serve coolers make up nearly half of all meals served

Outline of a calendar

Available daily

Seven sandwiches, three salads, and a variety of other tasty options

Outline of a leaf

New contender

Matcha drinks are rising in popularity—and sales

Outline of a sandwich

Most popular food items

include the bacon, egg, and cheddar bagel breakfast sandwich and the chicken pesto sandwich

Outline of a to go cup

Best-selling coffee drinks

include caramel macchiatos, cold brew coffee, and flavored lattes (especially vanilla and caramel)