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Professional MBA Student Ambassadors

Patrick Conway

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Chicago, IL

Current Job Title:
Account Manager

Post-MBA career goal:
To transition into a role in Investor Relations for a Global Multi-industrial Company

Why choose Wisconsin MBA?
The professional MBA was the perfect program that allowed me to get my MBA while still traveling frequently for work. However, in person classes a short drive from Chicago was very important to me since I saw working side by side with folks from other industries is the best way to grow and advance my skillset. A Big 10 business school also excited me since the professors, resources, and research are top notch and deliver diverse and global learning perspectives to students.

Come visit Grainger Hall and Madison while you are considering various programs. The people, learning environment, and social scene in Madison make a program that is unique from many other part-time MBA options.

Fun fact:
I am a triplet and all of my siblings and I graduated from college on the same day.