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Becky Splitt

Becky Splitt


American Family Ventures

As a pioneer in the online application space, Becky Splitt broke into the business when it was still emerging. From 1999 to 2014 she has been focused on growing Internet start-ups into established companies with capable teams and valued products. For many of the companies she has worked for, this would not have been possible without her unique skill as an online evangelist and her willingness to get her hands dirty as a leader.

Becky Splitt served as CEO of StudyBlue, a mobile, social study platform that has crowd-sourced more than 300 million study notes to date for more than 9 million students from middle school to medical school. Becky joined the StudyBlue team in 2009 as the company’s first CEO to bring her global experience in growing start up and emerging market businesses—straight to the education industry, and moved into the role of Executive Chairman in August 2014.

Prior to her work with StudyBlue, Becky served as the Director of MSN International at Microsoft. During her seven-year tenure she was responsible for setting strategy, managing the P&L and growing a team of more than 100 people located across more than a dozen countries outside the U.S. She effectively managed the transition from an access-centric to information portal-centric business model in all markets: executed the sale of MSN’s access business in France, Germany and Canada and developed and executed a strategy to expand from six to 27 markets for

Becky was on the leading edge of the voice processing renaissance during her time at Brite Voice Systems. After joining the founding team as the company’s first product manager, she launched and grew the managed services business from start-up phase with $0 in revenue and staff of six, to more than $9M in revenue with more than 85 employees in the first 20 months of operation at the time of the company’s IPO.

As a female leader in a male-dominated industry, Becky has been able to steer some of the industry’s giants into successful business streams and at the same time has turned small players into industry leaders. Becky can speak to the vicissitudes of building and managing a global workforce at MSN, running a lean team while at the same time harnessing breakthrough growth at StudyBlue, and provide an array of feedback for how StudyBlue has contributed to the social good.