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Grainger Executive Advisory Board

Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Senior Operations Analyst

Implementation Engineers

Eric Smith is a 1998 alumnus of the Grainger Center and currently serves as Senior Operations Analyst with Implementation Engineer where he works to transform organization in public and private sector using the principles of Lean-Six Sigma.  Prior to this role, Eric spent over 25 years in numerous supply chain and operational leadership roles including Director of Global Supply Chain for Kohler Faucets, Vice President of Operational Excellence for the Emerson Industrial Automation Group, as well as both group and divisional and group Vice President of Supply Chain roles with the Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions Group.

Eric’s passion is creating operational and supply chain networks that deliver excellent customer care while retaining the flexibility to complete in today’s rapidly changing markets. He works with clients to improve the ability of their operations and extended value streams to meet customer needs for delivery, quality, products, and services in the most effective and efficient ways possible.  He achieves those results by focusing on a combination of building organizational capability and culture, process analysis and by structured problem solving. 

Eric holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Eric and his wife reside in Madison with their daughters Catherine and Laurel.