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The Answer to “Why UW?”

By Laura Rincon Quiroga

February 4, 2022

People ask me, “Why UW?” The easy answer is the Wisconsin MBA program has business perspectives that would help pivot my career from a leadership standpoint as well as specialized classes about my HR background. Coming to Wisconsin was a life choice that required introspection and projection of who I wanted to be in the next 5 years. 

Laura Rincon-Quiroga
Laura Rincon-Quiroga

In 2020, I decided I wanted to pursue a master’s degree, and my initial priority was to link my engineering background and my HR experience with my future HR leadership role. I knew I needed a graduate degree in human resources or labor relations, but after a whole year of lockdown, my priorities had changed. Additionally, to embrace a strong HR curriculum, I needed to engage face to face with my colleagues and I craved those business conversations. Wanting to have a business focus experience,  I tailored my search to ensure that after my graduate program I would be a better business partner. An MBA program that had an HR emphasis is rare, and a top-tier program was very difficult to find; as soon as I saw UWs description I fell in love and started dreaming about the possibilities. 

When I got the acceptance letter from UW, I was beyond happy! Wisconsin offers the whole experience! I get to study what I’m passionate about, live in a great city that is rapidly growing and where new startups are flourishing, get hands-on experience starting with the first semester, and interact with different specializations and talented people in every class.  

My first semester has been an amazing experience beyond my dreams and expectations. Classes are great, but I truly believe that what made the University of Wisconsin-Madison the best choice is a strong community, curious classmates, individual and team challenges, and a solid base to keep growing as an HR professional.