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Introducing the Redesigned Wisconsin Executive MBA

Accelerated Next-Level Leadership

By Leiah Fundell

July 5, 2023

The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Madison announces the launch of its redesigned executive MBA program this fall, a program strategically focused on taking leaders to the next level.

The program, delivered in a hybrid, online, and in-person format, allows executive-level professionals to expand their skills and elevate their leadership to take on business’ shifting dynamics. Built on a modular platform, the program includes an innovative curriculum that goes beyond a traditional approach to business courses. Students will advance through modules called Run, Grow, and Transform that will teach them how to take on business’ newest opportunities. In addition to new and innovative courses, the redesigned Wisconsin Executive MBA features expanded experiential learning and increased executive mentoring and career coaching.

“We are excited to offer this new program to executives who are ready to invest in themselves as business leaders,” says Enno Siemsen, associate dean of the MBA and master’s programs. “Our reimagined executive MBA program is designed to offer the content needed to elevate students to the next level of leadership while being flexible and affordable.”

Delivering the best of in-person and online learning—on your schedule

The redesign is a major step forward in addressing the needs of business professionals who are on the go—or at home, juggling the responsibilities of business, parenting, travel, and much more. The redesigned executive MBA is an experience that highlights the best aspects of virtual and on-campus learning. The hybrid program offers a blend of in-person and online learning, with one weekend per month on campus and online classes once a week.

This accelerated MBA program will take only 18 months to complete, starting in August and finishing in February.

“Our executive MBA program is tailored to the needs of busy professionals who want to develop the specific skills they need to level up their leadership,” says Siemsen. “We understand that time and money are precious resources, so we’ve created an accelerated program that combines online learning with in-person residencies for those who are ready to lead their organizations.”

A woman watching an online lecture on her laptop

New program format designed for busy professionals

50% in person / 50% online in 18 months

Develop as a leader and gain multi-faceted business knowledge

Ideal for leaders looking to take the next step in their career, possibly to the C-suite, this program’s focused curriculum will emphasize leadership development, business strategy, and decision-making.

The program is divided into four modules: Run the Business, Grow the Business, Transform the Business, and Develop as a Leader. The modules are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of general business basics, strategy development, organizational transformation, and leadership development.

Four brand-new courses have also been developed for the program: Corporate Governance and Board Membership, Growth Marketing, M&A and Global Strategy, and Competing Through AI.

Four strategic modules allow students to grow as a leader, develop strategies to move their organization forward, and gain the tools to innovate as business evolves.

Module 1

Develop as a Leader  

Leadership, Negotiations + Management | Build executive-level leadership and communication skills.
Module 2

Run the Business        

Finance + Operations | Develop a cross-functional knowledge of foundational business strategies and functions.
Module 3

Grow the Business      

Strategy + Growth | Develop strategies for taking your organization to the next level.
Module 4

Transform the Business  

Innovation + Change | Learn how to lead through change and stay relevant through innovation.

Confident leaders communicate effectively

Unique from other executive MBA programs, WSB is placing an unparalleled emphasis on executive communication skill development. This pivotal experience in the program will empower professionals to expand their influence and reach. The development process includes assessing and practicing how to compel, motivate, and reach specific audiences in various scenarios, such as town hall meetings, senior leadership/executive boards, executive leadership teams, investors, and through personal social media channels. Mentoring, coaching, and development will allow students to complete an in-depth assessment of their track record as a leader and receive multi-source feedback, while the curriculum will provide critical insights on strategies from world-renowned experts on leadership, negotiations, and strategic talent management.

Individualized executive coaching to effectively communicate with employees, investors, media, and boards

Level up learning within 5 years of graduation with optional badges

WSB’s lifelong learning model recognizes the need to upskill and reskill throughout one’s career. As such, this degree offering extends learning through four post-graduation badge options—Financial Insight, Customer Insight, Strategic Innovation, and Global Business. Each badge consists of three courses within a particular business discipline and takes three months to complete. The program’s customization options will allow students to access two non-credit badges within five years of graduating from the program so that students can access new learning when they need it most.

Post graduation badge options–Financial Insight, Customer Insight, Strategic Innovation, and Global Business.

Upskill and reskill even after graduation with complimentary access to two non-credit badges

Cohorts provide the community you need to succeed

While students will benefit from added flexibility throughout their program, they will start the program and attend classes with a community of accomplished professionals that will stay with them through graduation. The program’s cohort-based delivery, in a lockstep format, will allow students to develop strong relationships with their peers and benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences of their classmates.

“The quality of the professors and the conversations in class within the cohort are invaluable.”

Michelle Bougie (MBA ‘20)

“The quality of the professors and the conversations in class within the cohort are invaluable,” says Michelle Bougie (MBA ’20), senior marketing director, global services at GE Healthcare. “Oftentimes I would take things from lectures and immediately put them into practical use within my day-to-day with my staff or other leaders.”

Invaluable in-person learning includes networking, coaching, and experiential opportunities

Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to participate in two co-curricular residencies, which provide additional opportunities to explore topics outside of the general curriculum. The residencies occur at the beginning of the program and in the spring of year one focusing on DEI, executive presence, company visits, and more. Additionally, extracurricular content will be offered during the four- and five-day residencies, including executive mentoring and coaching, presentation coaching, and experiential learning.

“We believe that an Executive MBA should not only provide students with a rigorous academic program but also offer them opportunities to develop their leadership skills, build their professional networks, and gain practical experience.”

Jean Sink

“We believe that an executive MBA should not only provide students with a rigorous academic program but also offer them opportunities to develop their leadership skills, build their professional networks, and gain practical experience,” says Jean Sink, director of career management for MBA & master’s programs. “Whether it’s sharing knowledge over time, starting a business together, or gaining a lifelong friend, our students are able to extend their community far beyond their time at WSB.”

With a total cost of $86,400 plus segregated fees, the Wisconsin Executive MBA costs less than many other executive MBA programs in the Midwest region and gives students the ability to leverage a vibrant business network, gain and apply leadership skills, and explore opportunities in real time while succeeding in their current careers.

The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has a long legacy of providing innovative and high-quality business education. The new executive MBA program builds on this tradition and represents an exciting new chapter in the school’s history.


Leiah Fundell, Public Relations Manager

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