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Alumni in Action

Making Sense of the Swing

By Alumni Relations

March 31, 2016


With the support of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship at the Wisconsin School of Business, along with the Morgridge Institute for Research, the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, the UW Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory, and coaches with the UW Softball team, seven UW-Madison students started Sensori Athletics, a new sports technology company.

One of the student founders, Peter Oppermann (MBA ’14), describes Sensori as a company “focused on trying to make athletics more fun and insightful for athletes at all levels.” He explains how a sensor placed on the end of a bat handle is paired wirelessly with Bluetooth to an iPhone, iPad, or other tablet, allowing vast amounts of data to stream and collect in the app.

After learning about Sensori Athletics’ device and mobile application, assistant UW softball coach Randy Schneider wanted to learn more about how the technology could improve his coaching of swing mechanics. The instant data, he says, can then help coaches provide more insightful feedback.

Peter says support from campus and the Wisconsin School of Business has helped Sensori Athletics find success. Through its partnerships on campus, Sensori Athletics continues to grow.

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