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Faculty Insights

New WSB Faculty: Meet Assistant Professor Cheng He

By Wisconsin School of Business

October 16, 2020

The Wisconsin School of Business welcomes Cheng He, an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing. He received a BS in mathematics from Nankai University in China, an MS in statistics from the University of Chicago, and an MS in economics from Georgetown University. He holds a PhD in marketing from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He shares his thoughts on joining WSB and the University of Wisconsin–Madison community below.

Cheng He
Cheng He

WSB: How did you get into your field of research?

He: I am always interested in the consumer decision-making process. Using quantitative methods to explore consumer behavior from archive data is appealing, especially since data has become widely available nowadays and firms can make better decisions using these insights.

WSB: What attracted you to UW–Madison?

He: Its reputation for excellent research.

WSB: What was your first visit to campus like?

He: I visited in mid-October last year. I was told that it should be the most beautiful season. However, I unfortunately encountered a cold snap. But I was still impressed by the gorgeous views of the campus, especially the views outside Memorial Union.

WSB: What’s one thing you hope students who take a class with you will come away with?

He: Marketing is an interesting discipline. However, it is sometimes challenging to explore marketing topics with quantitative techniques. I hope students come to my class prepared to learn some solid skills.

WSB: Is there a way your field of study can help the world endure and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the health, finances, and lifestyle of so many?

He: Many scholars in marketing have conducted research regarding how COVID-19 affects consumer behavior. These studies could help governments and firms to better adjust their strategies when interacting with people.

WSB:  Do you feel your work relates in any way to the Wisconsin Idea?

He: Yes. One of my research streams evaluates the impact of governmental green technology policies on carbon emission and climate change. These projects aim to improve the effectiveness of government policies which could save our planet.

WSB: What’s something interesting about your area of expertise you can share that will make us sound smarter during video chats (and eventually parties)? 

He: Marketing is not sales. Marketing is an interdisciplinary science involving psychology, economics, and statistics.

WSB: Do you have favorite hobbies or other interests?

He: Tennis, hiking, and changing diapers.