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Research by WSB's O'Guinn and Heide Highlighted by American Marketing Association

By Wisconsin School of Business

April 7, 2020

Wisconsin School of Business marketing professors Tom O’Guinn and Jan Heide, both highly cited researchers and frequent contributors to leading academic journals, recently shared summaries from their studies published in the Journal of Marketing (JM). Featured on the American Marketing Association (AMA) website, O’Guinn and Heide join their respective co-authors in offering an overview and key takeaways from their influential marketing research.

Professor Tom O'Guinn
Professor Tom O’Guinn

O’Guinn’s work, “Branding in a Hyperconnected World: Refocusing Theories and Rethinking Boundaries,” looks at how technology has helped shape a “hyperconnected world in which the boundaries of branding have been blurred and broadened,” O’Guinn and his co-authors write. The study examines the traditional roles of brands, questioning whether old models work for a new hyperconnected environment, and sets forth a research agenda for future studies.

O’Guinn’s study was also included as part of JM’s special series, “Challenging the Boundaries of Marketing,” by journal editors including JM Editor Page Moreau, the John R. Nevin Chair in Marketing and a professor of marketing at WSB.

Professor Jan Heide
Professor Jan Heide

Heide’s work, “The Temporary Marketing Organization,” examines the increasing use of temporary organizations within the marketing field and the challenges that organizational model can bring. “While their use is increasingly prevalent with cloud-based talent pools and digital collaboration,” Heide and his co-authors state, the properties of temporary organizations are not well understood.” Heide’s study “provides a playbook companies can use to align their marketing needs against organizational form, to identify and address common pitfalls, and to structure and manage teams effectively.”

Founded in 1937, the AMA publishes the academic journals Journal of Marketing, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of International Marketing.

Tom O’Guinn is the Irwin Maier Distinguished Chair in Business and a professor of marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business. Jan Heide is the Michael Lehman Distinguished Chair in Business and a professor of marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business.