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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

From Engineer to Business Leader

Joe Koruth

Joe Koruth

University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2018
Current Job: New Product Integration Manager, Kohler Co.

Joe is a proven leader with diverse industry experience who aims to grow his company globally. In order to reach the next level within his company, Joe enrolled in the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program. He’s now enhancing his talents, applying new leadership techniques, and gaining a greater understanding of the cultural, economic, and financial forces that drive the global marketplace.

The Wisconsin Executive MBA is allowing me to accomplish my career goals. I am at a point in my career where, in order to achieve what I want, I need to grow my business acumen. I need a better understanding of how the global marketplace works, and the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program is helping me grow this understanding.

The quality of faculty is unmatched. Associate Professor Alex Stajkovic, who taught my Organizational Behavior class, is particularly inspiring. He explained how people are motivated and what makes a great leader. I now understand how different leadership and organizational behaviors can make or break companies.

The lockstep cohort helps you learn from others and encourages you to understand diverse perspectives. During our small group study sessions, teammates help each other. We divide our workload equally, and we make sure everyone’s voice is heard. We meet outside of study hours and celebrate our small victories. It’s been great to bond with people from different backgrounds and industries.

The program staff is helping me succeed. They are committed to the success of the students and their support has made the program very manageable. For example, we have food service during class hours so we don’t have to worry about planning meals, and we receive iPads so all of our coursework is consolidated digitally. Our program is really planned with the students in mind and the staff is always available to answer questions.

I am a better leader because of my MBA. I am making positive changes to my work style and have transformed a 45–member team at work into a high–performing, high–achieving team. I have learned to listen more and make decisions after understanding both the financial and strategic implications of a plan.

Learning from other students is powerful. The amount of knowledge that I gain from them is not something I can attain from books. I am very excited to learn more and apply new lessons to my life.