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Executive MBA Student Spotlights

From U.S. Army to IT Director

Lynn Fyhrlund

Lynn Fyhrlund

University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2017
Current Job: IT Director – Business Applications, Milwaukee County

Lynn Fyhrlund landed a job as an IT director—a move that was possible because of the skills and support gained from the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program. Previously working as a contractor in the IT field, Lynn now directs the implementation, development, integration, and maintenance of enterprise business and administrative information systems for Milwaukee County. With his UW–Madison MBA, Lynn looks to make a difference and build a fulfilling career in IT after an esteemed military career.

I wanted to be in an executive role in the IT field and needed to enhance my business skills. When I retired from the U.S. Army reserves I turned my focus to my civilian career. I started as an IT contractor and realized quickly that I could provide more value and would have more career satisfaction in an on-staff, executive role.

The Wisconsin School of Business’s on-campus, in-person, collaborative program is perfect for experienced professionals who are trying to gain an edge. Weekend classes, team-based projects, and the length of program led me to choose the Wisconsin Executive MBA. Working together and tapping into each other’s strengths really helps you master leadership lessons that you can apply to your own work.

Because of my Wisconsin MBA education, I am able to provide more value at work. I’ve become a better negotiator, learned how to develop comprehensive business strategies, and improved my managerial skills. Now, in addition to my IT expertise, I can use the business acumen I’ve acquired to be a more effective leader.

The knowledge I’ve gained in the Wisconsin Executive MBA Program prepared me to be hired and lead as an executive. It is a great program for strengthening your leadership abilities. It’s providing me with a base for managing at a high level and is building my network for future growth.

While seeking out the IT director position, I worked with the Wisconsin Executive MBA career services team. Having access to the program’s career services was a major benefit and helped me be prepared, confident, and aware of the different directions I could take my career. They reviewed my résumé and made me more assured in answering interview questions through practice and individual attention.

Networking with peer business leaders is a huge benefit of the program. They are unlimited resources for building knowledge and opportunities, and always challenge you to see new perspectives. I have built lifelong friendships with peers, many of whom share similar career goals.