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Alumni Spotlights

Wisconsin School of Business Katie Lorenz is pictured wearing a Wisconsin sweater

Katie Lorenz

BBA '12

Founder, Campo Alpaca


Region: Midwest

Katie Lorenz is a catalyst for positive change

Katie Lorenz (BBA ’12) is all about positive change—so much so that she named her company after it.

Campo Alpaca is a fair-trade apparel company featuring alpaca-inspired products crafted by local artisans in Peru. The name combines two Spanish words—cambio positivo—which translate to “positive change.”

Using the marketing, management, and human resources skills she learned at the Wisconsin School of Business, Lorenz works to empower local Peruvian communities through employment and ensure that all Campo Alpaca creators receive fair wages and have access to safe work spaces.

Among the many products Campo Alpaca offers, team-inspired sweaters are some of the company’s most popular items—and the perfect thing to wear to a chilly football game in Wisconsin.

In addition to Campo Alpaca, Lorenz works as a consultant for Accenture and has also founded a nonprofit in the U.S. to support an NGO in Cusco, Peru called Chaska to support young women experiencing poverty.

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