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Lindsey Uselding

Lindsey Uselding

BBA '02

Owner and vice president, Ungerman, Inc.

Industry: ,

Region: Midwest

Lindsey Uselding showcases her successful renovation business on the small screen

When storms, fires, or other natural disasters strike a home or business, Lindsey Uselding (BBA ’02) is there to help. As vice president and co-owner of Ungerman, Inc., a Twin Cities-based property restoration and mitigation company, Lindsey specializes in getting things cleaned up and looking better than ever.

After graduating from WSB, Lindsey spent over a decade working at Target before her dad asked if she’d consider managing the family business. She agreed to join Ungerman, but on her terms.

“When my dad brought me on, he had worked in the business for 38 years,” says Lindsey. “It was time to work on the business rather than in the business.”

Since joining the company ten years ago, Lindsey estimates that Ungerman’s business has nearly tripled. She now co-owns the business alongside a business partner, as well as her sister and fellow UW–Madison graduate, Kirsten Meehan (BA ’04).

Equipped with keen business and renovation skills—as well as outsized personalities—the sisters caught the eye of television producers. Lindsey and Kristen now star in a new HGTV show, Renovation 911, which features the pair helping distressed homeowners through the emotional process of restoration and recovery.

“It definitely puts me outside my comfort zone,” Lindsey says. “But what makes you uncomfortable often makes you stronger and makes you grow.”

Lindsey is also hard at work on a new company, Practical Home, aimed at providing savvy solutions to make homes safer through preventative maintenance and design. 

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