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Student Success Workshop: Understanding Your Personal Identity While Crafting Your Business Student Identity

By Peiwen Zheng, Graduate assistant of Student Success

March 21, 2023

Through creative explorations, this workshop will cultivate a shared language and shared experience for students to understand their personal and social identities in relation to their peers in the School of Business/UW-Madison context. Participants will initiate a conversation to discover what privilege is and leave with a better understanding of who they are, and who they will be as college students, and develop a basic understanding of international student identity development, to maximize college success and well-being. 

Date/time: April 3rd, Monday, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Location: Room 3180, Grainger Hall

All students are welcome, with first-year students and international students encouraged to come. This workshop will be able to count towards the Inclusive Leadership badge. Free pizza and cold beverages will be provided! Click here to sign up today.