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Update | Spring/Summer 2023

Got a Minute? Meet Harley-Davidson’s Jack Bradway

Jack Bradway

Jack Bradway (MBA ’06)

Events Manager, Harley-Davidson Museum

What’s on tap for Harley’s 120th anniversary?

We’re going to have some great acts, but really, our customers are the show. It’s their interaction, it’s their bikes. We have to be open to our customers owning our brand. Riders from all over the world are taking their vacation to come and be with me. How cool is that?

What motivates you on the job?

The museum hosts about 500 events a year, from corporate retreats to weddings. So, I’ve done a lot of things but I haven’t yet done the perfect event. There’s always one more question I could have asked to make an event even a hair better. That’s what pushes me.

What is your favorite WSB memory?

Coordinating Madison’s Art Fair on the Square as an MBA student was amazing. It changed my life and got me hooked on events. It also taught me that it’s not about planning every little detail—it’s about building systems so strong that they don’t break when the chaos hits, which really is the fun part.