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Jordan Tong

Jordan Tong
Professor | Operations and Information Management
Wisconsin Naming Partners Professor
4293 Grainger Hall


Jordan Tong is the Wisconsin Naming Partners Professor and Professor in the Department of Operations and Information Management at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Professor Tong’s research primarily employs mathematical modeling and experimental methods to investigate questions in operations management, analytics, and behavioral science. His research focuses on examining how human cognitive limitations interact with broader system dynamics to inform operations design. He has published in journals such as Management Science, Operations Research, Psychological Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Production and Operations Management. He is currently an Associate Editor at Management Science and a Senior Editor at Production & Operations Management.

Professor Tong has taught undergraduate and Master’s-level courses in Operations Management, Operations Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Modeling & Optimization for Business Analytics, and the Psychology of Business Analytics. He received his PhD in Operations Management from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and his BA in Mathematics from Pomona College.


Selected Accepted Journal Articles

Kim, S. & Tong, J. (2023). Admission control bias and path-dependent feedback under diagnosis uncertainty Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Davis, A. & Flicker, B. & Hyndman, K. & Katok, E. & Keppler, S. & Leider, S. & Long, X. & Tong, J. (2023). A Replication Study of Operations Management Experiments in Management Science Management Science

Selected Published Journal Articles

Feiler, D. & Tong, J. (2022). From Noise to Bias: Overconfidence in New Product Forecasting Management Science

DeCroix, G. & Long, X. & Tong, J. (2021). How service quality variability hurts revenue when customers learn: Implications for dynamic personalized pricing Operations Research

Ibrahim, R. & Kim, S. & Tong, J. (2021). Eliciting human judgment for prediction algorithms Management Science

Kim, S. & Tong, J. & Peden, C. (2020). Admission control biases in hospital unit capacity management: How occupancy information hurdles and decision noise impact utilization Management Science

Batt, R. & Tong, J. (2020). Mean Service Metrics: Biased Quality Judgment and the Customer-Server Quality Gap Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Tong, J. & DeCroix, G. & Song, J. (2020). Modeling payment timing in multiechelon inventory systems with applications to supply chain coordination Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Tong, J. & Feiler, D. & Larrick, R. (2018). A behavioral remedy for the censorship bias Production and Operations Management

Tong, J. & Feiler, D. & Ivantsova, A. (2018). Good Choice, Bad Judgment: How Choice Under Uncertainty Generates Overoptimism Psychological Science

Tong, J. & Feiler, D. (2017). A behavioral model of forecasting: Naive statistics on mental samples Management Science

Liu, F. & Song, J. & Tong, J. (2016). Building supply chain resilience through virtual stockpile pooling Production and Operations Management

Huang, L. & Song, J. & Tong, J. (2016). Supply chain planning for random demand surges: Reactive capacity and safety stock Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Feiler, D. & Tong, J. & Larrick, R. (2013). Biased judgment in censored environments Management Science

Chen, L. & Kok, G. & Tong, J. (2013). The effect of payment schemes on inventory decisions: The role of mental accounting Management Science


Editorial and Reviewing Activities

Management Science – Since January 2022
Associate Editor

Production and Operations Management – Since January 2021
Associate Editor

Decision Sciences – January 2017 – December 2020
Associate Editor

Operations Research – Since January 2016
Ad Hoc Reviewer

Production and Operations Management – January 2015 – January 2021
Editorial Board Member

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management – Since January 2012
Ad Hoc Reviewer

Management Science – Since January 2012
Ad Hoc Reviewer