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Announcing the New Marketing Leadership Institute

WSB combines knowledge and further invests in marketing education

By Wisconsin School of Business

February 24, 2022

Marketing Leadership Institute launching July 2022

The Wisconsin School of Business is pleased to announce another step forward for its investment in marketing education—creation of the Marketing Leadership Institute

Focused primarily on serving the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program, the #3-ranked marketing MBA in the country (Princeton Review, 2022), the new institute combines knowledge from many corners of the School, bringing diverse marketing expertise together to deliver students with the career-ready skills they need to succeed in today’s cross-functional marketing world. 

The institute merges Wisconsin’s established marketing knowledge centers, the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights and the Center for Brand and Product Management, and adds additional leadership in the area of technology product marketing. Each discipline will have its own hub in the new institute, laying out three defined marketing paths for students to follow as they begin their MBAs.

The Marketing Leadership Institute aims to facilitate industry connections, offer expanded experiential learning opportunities, and help all marketing students gain the tools they need in marketing’s wide-ranging career paths. 

WSB looks ahead to growth in the number of MBA marketing students with students having increased flexibility and control over their individual career journeys. 

There will additionally be strong collaboration with corporate partners, giving students the ability to connect with leading companies during their MBAs, focus on their specific goals, and hone agile marketing skills fit for tech, consulting, health care, and CPG industries for companies like Amazon, Intuit, Procter & Gamble, and Adobe. 

“The launch of the Marketing Leadership Institute allows us to strengthen our existing partnerships with companies and build new ones,” says Neeraj Arora, Professor of Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business. “The three-hub structure will help us forge deep relationships with a diverse set of organizations who will work with students on experiential learning projects, hire them, and over time help them become leaders.”

The institute will also be a source of information and guidance for undergraduate marketing students and graduate-level students in programs like Wisconsin’s in-demand MS in Business Analytics program, which has a dedicated digital marketing track. 

The institute will launch in July and a new external advisory board will be established to guide it forward. WSB and the MLI will also host a biennial marketing summit September 29 and 30, 2022 to bring marketing industry professionals together and facilitate networking and idea-sharing with Wisconsin students, faculty, and staff.