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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Joseline Nyinawabera

Joseline Nyinawabera
Specialization: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2022
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin

Pre-MBA career experience:
Marketing Strategist for the Wisconsin School of Business and Business Owner

Why did you choose the Wisconsin MBA?
I chose to earn my MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business because of the specialization program. I will be able to enhance my strategic branding skills because of the boutique curriculum designed entirely around the distinct set of skills needed to manage brands, from day one. Additionally, the Brand and Product Management program is the first MBA specialization of its kind in the country with a future brand manager in mind. Learning from world-renowned professors, reading through case studies, and participating in applied learning will allow me to fine-tune my skills. Lastly, the university’s value of Together Forward also aligns with my commitment to serve and improve the lives of others.

What advice would you give to prospective students?
When considering the Wisconsin School of Business or any MBA program look at what school best matches the culture you are looking for. Think about it like a job interview. You should interview them just as much as they are interviewing you. If you like an MBA program that has a family-like culture, this place is for you! Also, consider ROI. What is the tuition, cost of living, and match that with career outcomes during summer internships and post-grad positions. Madison has a very high ROI so you get an amazing education, a phenomenal network, and a great return!

Please share some fun and interesting facts about yourself.
When I am not working, I enjoy brunch, traveling, African and Salsa Dancing, and serving my community through my beloved organizations Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and Urban League Young Professionals.