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Full-Time MBA Student Ambassadors

Krystal Tran

Ngoc Tran
Specialization: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2022
Hometown: Nam Dinh City, Vietnam

Pre-MBA career experience:
Marketing Research Analyst in Kantar – a global research agency, Ho Chi Minh City office.

Why did you choose the Wisconsin MBA?
Small-sized and together forward spirit. Additionally, A.C. Nielsen Center is famous for academic quality and recruitment relationships in Marketing Research industry.

What advice would you give to prospective students?
Know yourself well: Who you are, what you have done and who you want to become in the future.

Please share some fun and interesting facts about yourself.
People gave me food-related nicknames such as Thai hotpot, Thai Curry, Apple Custard, Pan Cake and so on. I think that is because I am a foodie and I like using food to describe human personalities.