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Update | Fall/Winter 2022

Dean’s Letter: Celebrating Alumni Successes

Photography by Paul L. Newby II

Dean Sambamurthy catches up with Business Badgers at the Homecoming Bash in October.
Dean Sambamurthy catches up with Business Badgers at the Homecoming Bash in October.

I have enjoyed getting to know UW–Madison’s new chancellor, Jennifer L. Mnookin, over the past several months. She is a collaborative, visionary leader and a strong advocate for the initiatives we are pursuing in Roadmap 2025, the Wisconsin School of Business’ strategic plan.

In a recent WSB event with Chancellor Mnookin, she shared some highlights of her early days on the job. Among her observations is how fiercely dedicated UW–Madison alumni are to this institution. The strong sense of pride among our alumni has resonated deeply and immediately with the chancellor as she travels the state and engages with many of you.

Chancellor Mnookin also offered her perspective on leadership, reflecting specifically on how much she enjoys the opportunity to celebrate the success of others. I share that sentiment and see this publication as one of many opportunities to showcase the success of our Business Badger community.

In the pages that follow, you’ll read about how Ed Neppl, CFO of the United States Tennis Association, lets empathy drive his extraordinary career. You’ll get a sneak peek at how Lindsey Uselding has taken her family business to a new HGTV show. And, you’ll see how Singari Seshadri has blazed an entrepreneurial path that creates access for others.

These success stories are just a few among many that we could share from our amazing alumni network. From professional achievements to personal milestones, Business Badgers are scoring big wins each and every day. Hearing about your successes gives me—and our new chancellor—a great deal of pride.

On, Wisconsin!

Vallabh “Samba” Sambamurthy
Albert O. Nicholas Dean
Wisconsin School of Business