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Danielle Tiedt

Trusted to Lead

Be part of the next generation of business leaders.

I’m not just growing a business—I’m helping millions of creative entrepreneurs and businesses grow.

Danielle Tiedt (BBA ’96)
Chief Marketing Officer, YouTube
San Francisco, California

Danielle smiling while walking and holding paper
Danielle walking on a prairie trail

Chase the dreams that don’t come easy.

My superpower is understanding what’s happening next in the world and building brands to connect with people.

Sennai Atsbeha (MBA ’09)
VP of Marketing, Gymshark
Los Angeles

Sennai smiling in front of a colorful mural
Sennai standing in front of a building with "Los Angeles" written over the side
Sennai aiming a basketball before a freethrow

Pursue that idea that just won’t quit.

To me, boundaries are built to be knocked down. My goal is to generate new demand for an old sport—to disrupt it and push it forward.

Noe Vital (BBA ’15)
CEO and Co-Founder, Vibez Golf Club
San Diego, California

Noe talking with friends at a table
Noe standing with colorful buildings behind him

Have the confidence to create the unexpected.

My passion is building and growing businesses. Connecting the dots. Leveraging data to tell a bigger story.

Cynthia Chu (BBA ‘99)
CFO and Growth Officer, Audible
New York City Area

Cynthia smiling at the person's she's in a meeting with
Cynthia leaning at the railing in front of art that says "Well composed words sound like music to me. That idea became audible."
Cynthia standing in front of stairs looking at her phone

Be unexpected.

I’m creating a bold model for charitable giving so others can have an everlasting impact on the world.

Jake Wood (BBA ’05)
Founder, Team Rubicon; Founder, Groundswell
Los Angeles

I saw an opportunity to help people perform at their best. So, I started my own company.

Reena Vokoun (BBA ’98)
Founder, Passion Fit
San Diego

Because when you are trusted to lead and there is no blueprint— you lead.

Being an underdog drives me. Today, I am growing a company using cutting-edge technology.

Kyle Nakatsuji (MBA ‘11)
Founder and CEO, Clearcover
Pewaukee, WI

I seek those moments that don’t just change industries but change lives.

Jim Wuthrich (BBA ‘86)
President, Content Distribution, Warner Media
Los Angeles

The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Start Leading.

Business is changing. Be part of the next generation of business leaders. Join innovators within some of the most recognized brands, entrepreneurs on a mission to disrupt industries, and people driven to have an impact far beyond themselves.

Undergraduate Master’s MBA Executive Education