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WSB Launches Trusted To Lead Campaign to Inspire the Next Generation of Business Leaders

By Wisconsin School of Business

January 4, 2022

The Trusted To Lead campaign celebrates a different way of doing business through the stories of individuals who are trusted to lead when there is no blueprint.

At a time when the stakes have never been higher, the Wisconsin School of Business is developing, celebrating, and inspiring trusted leaders.

Trusted to Lead When There is No Blueprint

The campaign features six Wisconsin School of Business alumni from varied backgrounds and career paths—ranging from a president at Warner Brothers, to a CFO and growth officer at Audible, to a military veteran reinventing corporate philanthropy. These individuals are innovators within some of the most recognized brands, entrepreneurs on a mission to disrupt industries, and trailblazers who are driven to have an impact far beyond themselves.

Through videos and digital content, the Trusted To Lead platform shares the stories of these leaders and their unique approaches to business. Their paths started at the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Trusted To Lead Ambassadors

  • Sennai Atsbeha, VP Brand Marketing, North America, Gymshark – Shaping brands that shape the future.
  • Cynthia Chu, Chief Financial and Growth Officer, Audible – Leading a new era of digital media.
  • Kyle Nakatsuji, Founder and CEO, Clearcover – Reinventing the insurance industry.
  • Reena Vokoun, Founder and CEO, PassionFit – Empowering others through wellness.
  • Jake Wood, Founder of Groundswell and Team Rubicon – Launching companies that make an impact.
  • Jim Wuthrich, President, Content Distribution, WarnerMedia – Driving innovation in the entertainment industry.

The alumni featured in the Trusted To Lead campaign offer a clear call to individuals interested in pursuing a new path in business: “Be part of the next generation of business leaders. Do business differently. Find yourself out in front.”

Sennai Atsbeha VP Brand Marketing, North America, Gymshark
Cynthia Chu Chief Financial and Growth Officer, Audible
Kyle Nakatsuji Founder and CEO, Clearcover
Reena Vokoun Founder and CEO, PassionFit
Jake Wood Founder of Groundswell and Team Rubicon
Jim Wuthrich President, Content Distribution, WarnerMedia
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Addressing fast-paced changes in business

Business is changing. Digital advances, industry disruptions, and the global pandemic are creating a new future. WSB aims to inspire future leaders, showing that there is not just one path into a business career.

WSB is on a mission to continuously reinvent business education programming. Over the last two years, the School has built expertise in emergent trends in machine learning, digital marketing, business analytics, and strategic management to continually evolve its curriculum to address market demands. WSB has introduced new classes, career pathway programs and career tracks and at the same time, launched new agile programs including STEM-designated degrees, four new specialized master’s programs, a hybrid MBA, and on-demand badges.

A place where trusted leaders grow and thrive

In an ever-shifting world, there’s something uniquely consistent and differentiated in the Wisconsin way, something that influences people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom. It’s a blend of Midwestern humility and global influence, along with an unwavering commitment to moving forward, together.

With this campaign, WSB champions an under-leveraged reputation as an incubator for CxOs and entrepreneurial founders. Employers benefit from a value-driven approach, strong work ethic, and entrepreneurial and leadership skills. There’s a focus on developing students to be the team member everyone seeks out. The one who is dependable and delivers, and surpasses expectations as an unrelenting seeker of a better path forward. At Wisconsin, there’s pride in choosing collaboration over competition. It is exactly why WSB graduates succeed and perhaps why the University of Wisconsin consistently ranks as a top producer of Fortune 500 CEOs.

WSB believes in empowering people of all backgrounds to thrive in business and make businesses thrive. By leaning into their passions and individual values, the alumni featured in this campaign are making contributions few others can make. Through videos and digital content, WSB is highlighting possibilities in business and encouraging the next generation of trusted leaders.

Interested students can look at undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs by browsing the School’s website.